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Press Release - Seed Round

June 03, 2019

Aura Vision, a startup providing in-depth analytics to offline retailers, today announces it has raised a $1.1M Seed round, from a mix of angel investors, angel funds and corporate venture funds.

The round includes an investment from the venture arm of the supplier of sporting goods and services, ASICS, who also see an opportunity to use Aura Vision within their stores. Other notable investors include Pioneer Fund.

“We are excited to develop a partnership with Aura Vision. Aura Vision’s unique system will help us to make our owned stores more attractive for customers.” said ASICS Ventures President, Hiroaki Kageyama.

This round follows Aura Vision’s participation in the Y-Combinator Winter 2019 batch. The money will be used to fund new hires to continue development and sales of the product.

“We’re excited to have this investment from so many brilliant partners. We have ambitious plans to be the source of in-store analytics data for all retailers, and this funding will help us to reach and serve them.” said CEO, Daniel Martinho-Corbishley.

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About Aura Vision

Aura Vision provides revolutionary in-store analytics for offline retailers, using their existing security cameras. With unique technology developed in the founders PhDs, Aura Vision is able to detect and track all people within a video as well as determining their age, gender, and other characteristics, without relying on any facial recognition whatsoever.

Retailers use Aura Vision’s analytics data to understand what types of people come into their stores, and what they do once inside. Aura Vision produces a range of live metrics on how stores are performing, such as the amount of traffic being captured from outside, the number of people approaching different product ranges, the amount of time spent with those products, wait times in queues and service areas, and more.

Aura Vision is also the only solution that can detect staff members without using facial recognition. Retailers can use this information to understand where staff and customers spend their time throughout the day and uncover opportunities for operational improvements.

Aura Vision incorporated in 2017, with the support of Southampton University incubator, Future Worlds. Aura Vision also had the support of London-based accelerator Collider during 2018, and in January 2019, took part in the Y-Combinator W19 batch.

Aura Vision

Aura Vision provides revolutionary visitor analytics for offline retailers. More info